ARPA Piemonte

Meteo service for Torino 2006


The weather and snow service at the Games

  • The forecast and monitoring service is directed to meet the needs of: event planning, competition support and international sport federations, infrastructure interventions realization, road conditions, planned covering with snow management, information to media and tourists and gurantee safety in all the district from avalanche risk.
    The service articulation is such as to allow the production of local information about the single resorts where the outdoor competitions will be held, as well as to meet the requirements and the requests of International Federations and of the International Olympic Committee.
    The service related to the snow conditions and avalanches focusses on two main problems: the analysis and the forecast of the snow-pack conditions for the competitive aspects and the skiing runs preparation and the evaluation of avalanche danger for road conditions.
    The activities can be divided in two main phases: the preparatory one – pre-Games – and the operating one during the Games. The first phase is characterized by the development of infrastructures (weather offices, hardware, connectivity) and it includes the finishing installation of monitoring instruments, the execution of measurement campaigns, the staff training, the implementation and testing of procedures and hardware and software systems at the basis of the service.

The operating phase ensures the fully operating system of the complete weather forecast, including products indicated for all the competition venues, products aimed at meeting different users needs, supply the Competition Management, the Main Operation Centre, the Sport Coordination Centre, the intranet system INFO2006, the information spreading systems on venues, the Olympic family, and not last, the official website of the Games with the measured data in real time, weather and snow information.

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