ARPA Piemonte

The weather service for Torino 2006


Arpa and the Games

17 days and 84 medals: from February the 10th to the 26th Turin welcomes the XX Winter Olympic Games, followed, in March, by the IX Paralympic Winter Games .

TOROC –XX Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee- has committed the exclusive carrying out of weather and snow service of the Olympic event to Arpa Piemonte.

The agreement with TOROC was drawn up in December 2001: Arpa Piemonte is responsible for starting up, coordination and management of a specific specialized operating structure dedicated to the weather and snow service for the Olympic games.

It is also responsible for the installation of monitoring instruments and the support staff training, while TOROC, besides the definition of requirements, is responsible for supplying logistic support, weather offices, hardware, software and necessary connecting elements, as well as selection and recruitment of support staff according a fixed plan.

The weather situation and partially the snow conditions are the only unprogrammable variables, which are able to modify “in real time” the scheduling and the course of the competitions.

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