ARPA Piemonte

The weather service for Torino 2006


The monitoring system

While preparing the weather and snow service to the Games, in order to guarantee a constant control of weather parameters in the Olympic district and ensure the activity of nowcasting, ARPA Piemonte has carried out a strong intervention of strengthening of its own monitoring system: in the Olympic district Arpa Piemonte manages a network of about 66 automatic stations (10 of which are portable to monitor the weather parameters in the most sensible parts of the runs, from a smothness point of view), 2 radiosounding systems, 2 radal doppler and a wind and temperature edger located in Turin urban area
Temperature is constantly monitored, with data every 10 minutes, in 66 different points of the territory touched by the event, the relative humidity in 57 points, the wind in 46 points, while infrared termometers allow to gather the minimum variations of the snow surface temperature.
Five web-cams, among which two at the start of downhill skiing runs, allow to monitor from remote the status of local weather and get direct information about visibility along the competition run.
Two threeaxial sound anemometers installed on the jump, allow to execute wind threedimensional measures constantly.
Moreover to support the competitions of Cross-Country Skiing, Nordic Combined and Biathlon, Arpa Piemonte has implemented a system for monitoring in real time the snow surface temperature along the runs to provide the teams with indications about the distribution of the snow surface temperature taken directly on the whole length of the courses of competitions every 3 metres, throughout the production of topographical maps where the temperature data, taken and georeferred, are represented throughout a scale of 8 different colours, agreed with the International Federation.

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