ARPA Piemonte

Meteo service for Torino 2006



Products issued during the period of the Games, experimented during the 2005 sport events are:

  • the weather Report of the Olympic System, which holds a general weather forecast on the whole Olympic system;
  • the Last Minute Weather Forecast, quantity detailed weather forecast on each venue for the current day;
  • the Detailed Weather Forecast, quantity detailed weather forecast on the venues for the following two days;
  • the Long Range Weather Forecast, textual weather forecast for each venue referred to the following 5 days;
  • the Map of the measured snow surface temperature;
  • the Snow Report, which describes the snowing conditions, the status of the snow-pack and the evaluation of the avalanche danger;
  • the Courses Report, which holds the weather and snow data measured along the single courses, associated with the analysis and the evolution of the snow conditions.

These products are used to supply ARPA internet websites, the Games website, the intranet system INFO2006, and are spread within the single venues, in particular those addressed to the sport users. The contents are summed up in briefings during the team captains meetings and the staff meetings which workc on the competition venues, daily executed.

Two are the ARPA Piemonte products referred to the Olympic safety system:

  • the monitoring and forecast of ice formation;
  • avalanche risk on the Alpine access roads to the outdoor competition sites.

Starting from the observed data from stations located in the most critical points of the interested road system, both weather and directly taken on the road surface, it is possible to obtain, throughout the application of a deterministic model, a numerical forecast product at 24 hours of the surface road status and temperature.

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