ARPA Piemonte

Meteo service for Torino 2006



The staff altogether employed in the weather and snow operating service during the Games counts about 75 people among which meteorologists, snow scientists, computer scientists, and technical support staff.

The last ones guarantee both the technical assistance to the service supply and the control and setting up of the good functioning of the complicated computer and communication architecture, which allows to manage the weather system distributed on many sites, as well as to guarantee the flow of information towards all the service users: the Games intranet and the media, sport, transports and the single venues logistics, together with the management of supplies and service to spectators.

To complete the team an extra staff recruitment plan has been activated, counting 15 people, included in the agreement between TOROC and ARPA Piemonte.

Part of the staff is engaged at a central level, at the Weather Operation Centre in Turin, at the Weather Local Centre in Sestriere and in the Organizing Committee offices (Sport Coordination, Centre and Main Technological Centre), while to every outdoor venue is dedicated a team made up by meteorologists, snow scientists and assistants able to operate autonomously meeting all the needs of a single venue, according a peculiar operating and predefined plan.

Each weather team venue is autonomous in the organization of the work, in assigning duties and responsibilities of products supply, and in the way to relate with the organization of the venue: this way of operating makes the team itself responsible and it has proved successful during the 2005 winter sport events, where it was shown a good capacity to take decisions in stress conditions and in strict times.

A complex operative organization guarantees the venue weather forecast coherence throughout the frequent use of the conference call system. Only in case of severe weather conditions, that is to say able to compromise the development of some competitions, the staff which operates at central level assumes a more important role, which can count on the full support of the decentralized staff anyway.

Since 1997 the team is engaged during the winter season in the activities of meteorological forecast and in the execution of specific field experiments in the olympic area.

Working together the weather venue teams have had the opportunity to specialize integrating the knowledge of climatology and local weather of the venue with the peculiarity of the sport branch.

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