ARPA Piemonte

Meteo service for Torino 2006


From the Games to the environment protection

Arpa Piemonte activities for the Olympic games are part of an overall action of the territory and environment protection.

Permanent monitoring activities include:

  • installation of a new fixed station for the survey of the air quality parameters in Oulx;
  • installation of webcams for the estimate of powders;
  • availability of a costant Ozone analyser on Mount Fraiteve, which is at 2692 meters, the Italian sensor at the highest altitude.

The extraordinary survey plan of air quality concerns the territory of Bardonecchia, Pragelato, Sauze d’Oulx and Sestriere and it employs the mobile means for survey, normally used for the whole regional territory. Concentrations of the main air pollutants are measured, more specifically nitrogen dioxide, PM10 particulate, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and benzene.

Other services are provided such as the weather characterization of the Olympic sites and the air quality index observed and forecast in the Olympic area, daily estimated during the Games.

Within the planning framework, in collaboration with Provincia di Torino, it has been effected a study about the avalanche risk in the road system to identify, according the past events and the geo-morphological propabilistic evaluations, the stretches of roads mostly exposed in case of intense snowfalls.

In case of overcoming of predefined thresholds, risk scenes have been identified and alert procedures have been set up to allow preventive route closing procedure and the application of eventual reclamation systems and a consequent quick reopening of the involved stretches of roads.

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