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The weather service for Torino 2006


The weather office network

One of the innovative apects of the service made by Arpa, which stands out as compared to what was done in the previous Winter Games, is the distribution of activities and products among the competitive outdoor venues, throughout the setting up of a real network of coordinated but independent weather offices.

The weather and snow service to the Games is in fact organised in two main weather offices: one in Turin (Weather Operation Centre or WOC) and a second one in Sestriere (Weather Local Centre or WLC), in addition to seven peripheral offices near the venues (Weather Information Centre or WICs).

The Weather Operation Centre is dedicated to the forecast and monitoring on a regional scale, to the coordination and support of the MOC (Main Operation Centre) activities and it is the main source of weather information and data distribution for the intranet system INFO2006 of the Games.

Within the Weather Local Centre in Sestriere, opened on 12th December 2003 and since then working, forecast on a local scale and nowcasting activities are produced, activities are executed related to monitoring, to organization and concentration of manual measurements, to local weather and snow forecast.

The forecast dedicated to transports and access road conditions are also produced within the WLC, as it is located in a barycentric position in respect to the complexity of competion sites, it guarantees also the coordination of the activities made in the venues.

The Weather Information Centres (WIC), located in the temporary infrastructures of the outdoor competition resorts, grant a close collaboration with the venue and sport management, the teams captains and all the personnel staff.

The operativeness of WOC and WLC during the Games is guaranteed 24h a day, while the offices near the venues WIC operate 12/13h a day, with an availability of 24h a day in order to guarantee any intervention in case of bad weather conditions.

During the preparatory period to the Olympic event, within the WLC in Sestriere has been provided weather support with the production and spreading of weather information throughout the realization and editing of the weather forecast report of the Olympic system (in Italian, English and French) and special reports on the occasion of competitive relevant events, as well as the spreading of information on the snow-pack and its evolution.

This activity has allowed on one hand the personnel training and the adjustment of the operating procedures for the Games, on the other hand to establish a trustful relation with the local administration, the managers of the skiing district, commercial trades, promotion structures for tourism as well as with the schools and the territory in its wider meaning.

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